DS Domination – Oz At It Again

I really have to laugh at the stupidity of this idiot lol. All he had to do was type in DS Domination to get a heap of info on what the system offers and that it’s not really MLM but more an affiliate program, it’s all on the warrior forum and videos abound galore. He […]

What BehindMLM Fake Reviews Is All About

PLEASE NOTE ~ Facts not Opinion: This site is all about FACTS and nothing more, opinions you can keep for behindMLM.com and Mr Oz as that is what that site is about. If you decide that a certain company is a scam just because you don’t like the product that isn’t FACT. I will NOT […]

Do you know OZ from BehindMLM.com

Do you have any information about OZ from www.behindmlm.com? He has another site called http://ozsoapbox.com/ but of course hides behind the privacy cloud that he cries foul of businesses doing, so that the owners aren’t hassled with emails every 5 minutes. They have to go through the website like any legitimate channel. Let’s get a […]

Traction for MLM Reviews…

Hello my entrepreneurial friends, don’t forget if you want your REAL REVIEW not an Oz Behind MLM Fake Review then just head over to MLM Help Reviews and submit a request. If you have a story about a Fake Scam Review that Oz, from Behind MLM has done about your MLM or Direct Sales Business […]

The Silent Oz from BehindMLM.com

Looks like I have rattled the cage of MR Oz, with a reply email and no return. Here is the email as set out by myself… We will find out who he is and get him out in the open. Those who have been stung by his reviews can get hold of me easily through […]